2023 SI Swim Rookie Sixtine Issues an Important Reminder About Insecurities

The body neutrality influencer always delivers a feel-good boost.


Body neutrality influencer Sixtine is always here to remind us to treat ourselves more kindly. The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie shared a TikTok earlier this week in which she did just that by touching on common insecurities.

Sixtine stood in front of the camera in a bright red bikini as various phrases popped up on screen. “if you don’t like your thighs, if you don’t like your stomach, if you don’t like your stretch marks, if you don’t like your rolls, if you don’t like your hip dips,” all appeared as the model panned to various parts of her figure.

She accompanied the powerful visual with an equally inspiring audio by actress Emma Thompson, in which she mused about what a “waste of time” it is to worry about your body.

Sixtine further clarified her point in her caption, as she wrote, “at the end of the day, a body is just a body and it does not define your worth 🫶🏼.”

“These words genuinely changed my life the first time I heard them and is now a mantra I live by," one of the model’s 803,000 TikTok followers wrote in the comments.

“i saw you in an ulta magazine today, and I just was so happy to see someone who spreads such a good message in a magazine for so many people to see!” someone else added.

“You always post these right when I need them most,” another fan observed. “Thank you 🫶.”

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Cara O’Bleness


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