All You Need Is a Yoga Mat and Pillow to Do These 5 Katie Austin-Approved ‘Lazy Girl’ Ab Moves

The fitness influencer is constantly sharing workout tips, tricks and hacks.
Katie Austin.

Katie Austin.

Katie Austin knows some days are lazy days, but even those days deserve a little bit of exercise. The fitness influencer shared a quick and easy five move ab workout that is low-impact and requires no equipment other than a yoga mat and a household pillow.

“If you don’t have equipment at home and you’re looking to get creative, I got you!!! Try these 5 ab moves with a PILLOW when you wake up, before bed, or during commercial breaks,” she captioned an Instagram reel. “PS. This video takes me back to my college content when I did my ‘back to school’ series and all my workouts were with a textbook or a pillow hahah does ANYBODY remember?! I haveee to go find these workouts now 😂.”

Austin’s five moves include the following:

Hip Bridges: Lay on your back with you knees bent and arms pressed against the floor. Place the pillow between your thighs and lift your hips up and down.

Straight Arm Sit-Ups: Hold the pillow between your hands and do crunches as you normally would.

Side V-Ins: Lay on your side with your hips on the pillow. Extend your upper body and legs off the ground and crunch them toward your center. Repeat on the other side.

Plank Rocks: Get into a regular plank position with your forearms resting on the pillow on the ground. Rock back and forth a few inches. 

Rope Climbers: Place the pillow between your feet and extend your legs to the ceiling while laying on your back. Assume a crunch position and reach your arms to one side of your legs and then the other.

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