Georgina Cox Issues Important Reminder About ‘Perfect’ Bodies

The personal trainer’s latest message is a vital one.
Georgina Cox

Georgina Cox.

While it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap scrolling through social media, we sure are grateful to have platforms like Georgina Cox’s to remind us that all bodies are normal bodies. 

In a reel on Feb. 25, the personal trainer and online coach noted that the “seemingly ‘perfect’ photos and ‘perfect’ bodies” we see online are a very small component of the whole picture.

“I wasted YEARS relentless[ly] comparing myself and thinking there was something wrong with my body because I didn’t look like the photos I scrolled past,” Cox wrote in part of her caption. “I thought I wasn’t working hard enough in the gym because I STILL had rolls when I sat down and my legs and arms wobbled when I moved. It never occurred to me these things were, normal? And that’s just what they are, NORMAL!”

Cox illustrated her point in the accompanying video by starting out in a posed stance before showcasing her natural, unposed figure.

“You are not a Instagram photo,” she continued. “You are a LIVING breathing human being who is loved, respected and cared for regardless of the size, shape or weight of your body. Never let your comparisons convince you there’s something wrong with you, you are worthy EXACTLY as you are and YOUR journey should be your only focus! There’s only one of you, and that truly is your strength 👑❤️.”

Plenty of Cox’s 194,000 followers chimed in to the comments section to let her know how appreciative they were of her words.

“I need to take this in and remember every time I look in mirror 🪞 😩,” one person noted. “thank you for this message 🙏 ❤️.”

“Absolute goddess inside and out and such an important reminder! 😍🖤🙌,” someone else added.

Cara O’Bleness


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