In Honor of the First Days of Fall, Katie Austin Shares Easy and Delicious Soup Recipe

The fitness coach is getting in the seasonal mood with her simple homemade veggie soup.
Katie Austin.

Katie Austin.

Not even a cross-country workout tour can keep fitness influencer Katie Austin from sharing her delicious and well-rounded recipes. She is currently traveling from city to city, teaching classes to her fans and fitness followers across the United States. Before heading out, though, the health and wellness coach made sure to prep some of her very best recipes to share while she is away from home.

Since fall is officially here, Austin decided it was high time to dive into some good seasonal soups. In an Instagram reel that she shared on Sept. 25, the 29-year-old detailed her homemade creamy white bean and kale potato soup. She walked her followers through each step of the process, which was—like her other recipes—relatively simple and quick.

Sauté the veggies

Austin began by heating a large pot over the stove and sautéing onions, carrots and celery in butter.

Thicken and season the base

Once the vegetables have softened, she added a bit of flour to thicken the base, stirring it in with the cooking veggies. To that, she added broth—either chicken or vegetable—and seasonings, including vegeta, garlic powder and black pepper.

Add potatoes

She threw in a handful of raw diced potatoes and let the soup simmer with the top on.

Mix in beans and kale

Lastly, she added white beans and kale, mixing it all together and allowing the kale and beans to soften and absorb some of the seasonings.

“It’s not only meatless Monday, but the first Monday of Fall!! Here’s a very simple and DELICIOUS veggie soup to make!” Austin wrote in the caption of her post. “I prepped it before I came on this workout tour so you guys will still have recipe inspo from me even if I’m eating pizza and takeout for every meal;) I’m CRAVING dinners at home 💔.”

The reel made us crave the delicious-looking soup just as much as the athlete clearly desires a good home-cooked meal while she’s away. If you’re looking for something simple and seasonal to meal prep in the coming weeks, try Austin’s veggie soup—it’s sure to put you in the fall mood.

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