Katie Austin’s PCOS-Friendly Workout Modifications Are an Effective Low-Impact Alternative

The fitness instructor is all about creating routines that fit your lifestyle, and this one is no exception.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

Katie Austin is all about creating both fitness routines and recipes that suit your life, rather than the other way around. For her, that means sharing workouts for every fitness level. It also means providing her followers modifications for those instances when her go-to moves just aren’t working.

Her latest PCOS-friendly movement modifications are the perfect example of her universal mentality. Per a recent Instagram post, the fitness instructor teamed up with a certified hormone specialist to ensure that the movement modifications she shared were fit for those living with PCOS.

“With PCOS, it’s very important to get active, but mostly are in need of low-impact, slower movements—as high-intensity workouts can spike your cortisol levels,” she explained. “Plus, be sure keep your breaks in between moves a little longer to make sure your stress hormones are leveled!”

Here are the alternatives she recommended for a handful of her go-to moves.

Squat taps (rather than in-and-out squat jumps)

Standing on a mat with your feet spread wide and your hands cradling your head, come into a squat position, bending your knees and keeping your back flat and chest up. As you come to the bottom of your squat, tap the ground between your feet with one hand. Stand back up and repeat, tapping the ground with your opposite hand.

Static lunges (rather than reverse lunge to knee drive)

Stand on your mat with one foot forward and the other back behind you. With your hands planted on your hips, come into a deep lunge position, lowering your back knee to the ground. Ensure that your front knee doesn’t extend beyond the tip of your toes.

Side reaches (rather than jumping jacks)

Stand on your mat with your feet hip width apart. Extend your left arm up above your head toward the opposite side wall, pick up your left foot and tap it out to the side. Return to your original position, then repeat on the other side.

Low-impact step up burpee (rather than burpees)

Stand on your mat with your arms above your head. Bend down, bringing your hands to rest in front of your feet. One at a time, step both feet back into a high plank position. Then, step your feet back in toward your hands. Stand back up and reach your arms overhead.

Pilates roll down (rather than v ins)

Lay on your mat with your arms and legs extended long. Slowly roll up, swinging your arms up and in front of you and using your abs to pull yourself up to sit, bending your knees as you do.

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