Kayla Itsines Shares Strong Message on the Importance of Rest Days

The fitness influencer says you should never feel guilty about taking a break.
Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines.

We all understand the importance of daily and weekly wellness routines. Whether that means fitness, skin care or meditation practices.

Just as important as it is to make these practices into habits is making sure that we make time for recovery. According to Kayla Itsines, taking rest days from your fitness regimen is of the utmost importance.

“Don’t feel guilty for giving your body the rest it NEEDS,” Itsines wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Don’t push your body to work out if you’re sick.”

In order to effectively train your body, you need to give it the chance to rest and recover. Even if your goal is to make exercise into a consistent routine, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take time for rest.

“Don’t feel bad if your week didn’t go to plan. A day off or a week off is NOT a setback,” Itsines expressed in the post. The most important thing, according to the trainer, is prioritizing how your body feels. “I’ve said it a million times in my career as a personal trainer and I’ll say it again, listen to your body!!! It’s so important to allow yourself time to reset and recover.It’s one of the BEST things you can do for yourself and your goals.”

So, if you’re trying to boost your fitness regimen—or you’re already in a good routine—take Itsines’s advice and make sure to mix in some rest days in with your fitness days. Your body will thank you.

Martha Zaytoun


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