Lauren Chan Advocates Body Acceptance, Reveals Insights on Clothing Production

The model, entrepreneur and former fashion editor issued an important reminder on an episode of ‘CityLine.’
Lauren Chan

Lauren Chan.

As a luxury clothing brand founder and former fashion editor, we’re always learning something valuable from SI Swimsuit rookie Lauren Chan. The Canadian model revealed a bit of insider industry knowledge on the Sept. 29 episode of CityLine with Tracy Moore that we think everyone needs to hear.

Earlier this spring, Chan’s inclusive womenswear brand Henning was acquired by Universal Standard, and during the segment, she revealed one of the biggest lessons she learned as an entrepreneur.

“Clothing is not meant to fit us,” Chan stated. “It is not built to fit us, it’s not supposed to. The way that clothing is made is that brands make a sample, they might refine it a few times, but eventually they get to a process... where this one sample is fit on one singular fit model.”

She noted that when clothing is then fitted on a model, the individual has measurements that the particular brand deems to be “average” or “desirable” for their target market.

“... They nail the fit of that sample on that one person,” Chan shared. “From there, that garment is taken and graded up and down in size with math. It’s all done on machines and computers and not often cross-referenced on real people.”

After dropping that truth bomb, the model then wrapped up her message with a valuable takeaway.

“And so all I mean to say by that is, if it’s not meant to fit us in the first place, and we know that information of how it’s built, we can’t then blame ourselves and get down on ourselves when it doesn’t fit,” Chan concluded. “We shouldn’t be changing our bodies, we should be altering clothes. They’re not even meant to fit us in the first place.”

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