Lauren Chan Opens Up About Recent Confidence Struggle, and How She Overcame It

The model embraced an honest conversation about body image on Instagram.
Lauren Chan poses for the camera in an unbuttoned white top and soft curls.

Lauren Chan.

Body positivity advocate Lauren Chan is known for her positive, rallying and motivational takes on body image. Fans and followers have grown to love and appreciate her thoughtful stories and her sage advice. In that regard, Chan’s latest video on the topic is a bit of an outlier. She took to her Instagram on Dec. 15 to share a story of a recent moment when she “disappointed” herself.

“Recently, I ended up in a situation where I was trying to get smaller,” she said in the clip. “That’s hard for me to admit—it goes against most of what I stand for, but I’m human.”

She really began to notice the negative effects of the situation when she found herself unable to bring the same level of energy to her job. “I was at a TV taping and I asked my producer for feedback, and she said that I was a bit low energy,” she explained. “The only reason I could think of that I would’ve been low energy that day is because I wasn’t fueling my body with enough to show up and do my job.”

After Chan made the realization, she gave herself “a talking to” and adjusted. “Once I worked it out and felt better, I realized that my usual zero-sum body-positivity isn’t working as well as it used to,” she wrote in the caption. “Lately, it’s been making me—and plenty of other folks—feel isolated in our ebbing and flowing body image and in need of a more authentic conversation to make us feel less alone. So! Here’s one from me…I hope it helps.”

With her latest honest message, Chan is sure to inspire her followers much like she always does.

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Martha Zaytoun


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