Megan Roup’s 3-Minute Beginner Ab Sequence Is Great for Those Embracing Movement This January

New to working out? Look no further.
Megan Roup

Megan Roup.

Let’s be honest. There isn’t a specific time of the year when embracing movement will be easier. Forming habits is a challenge, whether we’re talking about working out or not. If you recognize that, though, it might be easier to approach resolutions and goals with a little more grace and a lot more success.

The key to forming habits is consistency. In order to be consistent with movement, it is important to find methods that work with you, your body and your schedule. If you can find the things that work for you, you’re far more likely to implement them regularly.

With that in mind, we want to introduce you to a program that might just help on your journey to greater consistency in movement: fitness instructor Megan Roup’s 30 days of free workouts. Throughout the month of January, The Sculpt Society founder is offering followers the chance to move with her for just a few minutes a day in order to build that consistency that we all seek. All you need is a mat and a handful of minutes out of your busy schedule to complete these sequences, which might just set you on the road to better fitness.

Her day nine workout, a 3-minute ab routine is the perfect place to start. Though short, the beginner plank series is sure to be effective. But most importantly, its sure to set you up for future success on the mat and off.

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Martha Zaytoun


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