Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s 3-Minute Sculpting Plank Series for a Stronger Body

The fitness coach regularly encourages fans to incorporate some movement into their busy daily routines.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

It’s back to school season, and somehow—school or not—this time of the year always seems to a bit busier than the rest. So whether you are pressed for time, cramped for space or you’re looking for a new quick full-body routine to work into a larger workout set, consider taking a look at Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s simple at-home routines.

The workout and wellness leader recently shared an easy full-body set that anyone can make time for, no matter how busy the day. She posted the three-minute plank routine to her TikTok page, demonstrating each move in a fabulous vibrant green sports bra and biker short set. In typical fashion, Wood-Tepperberg performed the routine using just a mat and her body weight in the middle of her living room, proving you don’t need a gym and extensive equipment to get some good movement in.

The workout began with a gentle plank walk out and quick plank hold. From there, the she moved into plank rocks, moving back and forth on her toes 10 times. Then, Wood-Tepperberg performed 10 alternating side planks and five downward dog rolls.

“Some minutes of movement are better than NO minutes,” Wood-Tepperberg wrote on the clip, highlighting the importance of movement if only for a short amount of time during the day.

Though the fall can be busy, it’s important to remember that having a short bit of time dedicated to movement can be a mind and body game-changer. Follow Wood-Tepperberg’s lead and try this short plank routine for some daily strength.

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Martha Zaytoun


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