MWH’s 3 Tips for Staying Grounded Over the Holidays

Kim Strother, a creator on Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s platform, shared her go-to wellness practices during the season.
On the left, Kim Strother wears a white top and smiles for the camera. On the right, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg sports a black sparkly dress and earrings and smiles for the camera.

Kim Strother and Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s namesake platform, Melissa Wood Health, is dedicated to overall wellness. In addition to producing at-home and versatile workout content for promoting physical health, the workout and wellness leader shares a variety of tips—including recipes and meditation practices—in line with her holistic vision of health.

Part of building out her platform has involved welcoming more wellness creators to the brand. The latest tips from MWH come from one such creator, personal trainer and holistic health coach Kim Strother. In a clip shared to the company’s official Instagram page, Strother offered her top three tips for staying grounded over the holidays.

Here’s what she suggested:

1. Move your body

You don’t need to force your typical routine in order to prioritize some movement. This time is busier than most and you’re unlikely to fit in all the exercise that you normally might. But you can still make time for some movement, even if its just 15 minutes. If you’re looking for some simple routines to try, check out MWH’s at-home classes (memberships start at $9.99/month).

2. Eat whole foods

This is something that Wood-Tepperberg preaches 365 days a year. While it’s harder to achieve during the holiday season, it’s not impossible. Alongside the sweet and savory holiday treats, try mixing in some whole foods.

3. Spend time in nature

Time outside is always a good idea. It might be cold where you are, but even a few minutes outdoors can be a game-changer. If you enjoy an outdoor walk, don’t skip them during this busy time—and if you’re not, consider stepping outside and starting a new tradition with the family.

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