This Is How Olivia Ponton Prepares the ‘Best Salmon on the Planet’ in Two Minutes

The model-influencer posted a video on TikTok explaining the simple recipe.

Olivia Ponton. 

Olivia Ponton is sharing some important secrets on TikTok. The 20-year-old posted a video detailing how she meal preps “the best salmon on the planet.”

“I cook probably 89% of all the meals I eat,” she starts the video by saying. “I also try to get all my friends to cook and their biggest [problem] is how long it takes.”

Ponton gathers her ingredients and explains that she plans to let the salmon sit for about 90 minutes in the marinade before making it for dinner that evening. She says she always prepares a few batches at once and leaves them in the fridge to be cooked throughout the week.

“I kid you not it takes two minutes to prep,” she adds.

“happy cooking @ home,” the SI Swimsuit model captioned the Dec. 20 post.

Ponton starts off with a big pour of soy sauce, noting that she never measures anything, but since she’s made this recipe so many times before, the perfect proportions are basically muscle memory. She then adds a tablespoon of store-bought minced garlic. Next, she squeezes in several drops of lime juice.

“This is most important: brown sugar,” she says. “I add like maybe one and a half tablespoons of sugar and mix it up.”

The final step before laying the salmon in the marinade is a bit of honey. Ponton then mixes it all together and puts the salmon in face down, closes the container and pops it in her fridge.

“If you ever want salmon, come to my apartment,” she finishes. “Because I probably already have it made.”

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