Padma Lakshmi Reveals How She Found Confidence in Her Body

The television host’s hobby is an unexpected one, but totally impressive.
Padma Lakshmi poses in a silver metallic top and a glossy lip.

Padma Lakshmi.

For Indian-American author and chef Padma Lakshmi, the confidence that she exudes now wasn’t always a given. “I used to feel physically weak and unable to defend myself starting with being bullied in junior high,” she explained in a recent Instagram post. It took her time to find confidence in her body and to build up belief in her abilities. What eventually helped her achieve both of those objectives is a little unexpected, but totally impressive.

The now 53-year-old began boxing 23 years ago, when she was gifted a lesson for her milestone 30th birthday. After that, “I finally started to gain confidence and feel grounded in my own body,” she said.

Earlier this year, an injury-induced break from the practice reinforced her love for the sport. “Boxing is the exercise that I most look forward to,” she continued in her Instagram caption. “I find that it gives me the best results physically, but more importantly – mentally! Boxing requires you to be present and in the moment. No matter what mood I go into the gym with, after boxing I always come out feeling better and glad that I went. I can’t wait to get back to it soon!!”

In the accompanying clip, the Taste the Nation creator showed off her impressive skills in the ring, donning a pair of pink gloves and jumping right into her routine with her coach. All we have to say is, we’re both impressed and glad that Lakshmi has a passion that brings her so much happiness.

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Martha Zaytoun


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