Valentina Ferrer Is Making Her Mark in the Supplement Industry

KAPOWDER is becoming a favorite for those who are health conscious and frequently on-the-go.
Valentina Ferrer.

Valentina Ferrer.

When it comes to nutritional supplements, the market seems to be ever-expanding, and on the consumer end, difficult to navigate. I’m personally a sucker for an Instagram ad and am usually underwhelmed by the influencer-praised product.

My diamond in the rough when it comes to celebrity-endorsed supplements, however, is KAPOWDER. While the brand's cofounder, Valentina Ferrer, is widely known as the Argentinian “it-girl” and model, the busy mother of a 2-year-old has also helped create a line of supplements that are simple, yet powerful and effective. 

I caught up with Ferrer to get the low-down on her entrepreneurial venture and the exciting new product releases ahead.

What made you dive into the very competitive world of supplements?

“I have always been passionate about the wellness industry and grew up in nature, so having a balanced diet was a lifestyle I grew up with.

When I met my business partner we developed a range that was simple, for everybody and at an affordable price. These were our main priorities. KAPOWDER isn’t a range that you need to Google the ingredients, all ingredients are nurturing to everybody and made in Australia.”

As a woman nervous of protein powders myself, I love that yours feels lightweight enough to drink daily without the fear of bulking. What sets this product apart from other protein powders?

“Oh yes it’s a favorite of mine! I take it daily. Our protein isn’t heavy, tastes really good and doesn’t make you feel bloated. It’s made with active and clean ingredients. It's one of our best sellers!”

What’s the one product from your line that you couldn’t live without on a daily basis?

“My favorite product which I absolutely love is our SAVIOUR drops, they are an amazing probiotic with such a delicious flavor. My second is our ENLIGHTEN, which is our hydration powder that has hyaluronic acid. I travel a lot and it’s so easy to take daily.”

As a mother of a 2-year-old, how do these products work in your everyday life?

“Being a mom requires many hats and sometimes doing all things for yourself can be hard, especially when you have a little one. I've always said KAPOWDER is a lifestyle—something that you can incorporate into your everyday routine without having it feel like a drag or an annoying supplement.”

KAPOWDER is dubbed “ingestible skincare.” What’s the concept behind that?

“As we know, beauty comes from within. I always say if you feel good on the inside that will radiate on the outside. Feeding your body with whole foods and great products will help with your skin to glow from inside out by ingesting supplements is when you will see the ultimate results!”

How has your personal health been enhanced by KAPOWDER?

“As a celiac and my business partner is a vegan, we were looking for something in the market that not only offered a great taste but had the right ingredients while also providing nutritional support.”

What’s the most rewarding part of founding a brand?

“There have been so many milestones, the proudest moments we have would be the positive feedback we receive from our customers, and how KAPOWDER has improved their life.”

Do you have any new products coming out you can talk about?

“Very exciting new category is coming, I'll give you guys a hint... it tastes like a dessert but is still beneficial for your skin and super accessible! “

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