Vanessa Hudgens Offers the Most Valuable Piece of Wellness Advice

The actress and singer chatted with ‘Bustle’ about all things lifestyle, health and routines.
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens is a big wellness girl. The actress, whose breakout role was in the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical, divulged all her skincare secrets and passions with Bustle—but one particular piece of advice really stuck out to us.

The 35-year-old, who tied the knot with MLB player and then-boyfriend of three years, Cole Tucker, last December, said sticking to a routine helped manage wedding prep stress.

“Listen to your body. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, but what might work for someone else might be terrible for you,” she shared. “If you feel exhausted, maybe you need a little rest—genuinely listen to your body. Sometimes you just need to be on the sofa and watch some good dating shows.”

For Hudgens, treating herself and listening to her body means taking a luxurious relaxing bath at the end of a long day.

“I’m a big bath girl. I take baths almost every single day. I’ll light all the candles, throw in some bath salts, some magnesium, maybe a Lush bath bomb,” she said. “I’ve also got a TV in my bathroom, so I’ll put on a guilty pleasure like Love Island or The Bachelor and decompress.”

The Princess Switch star mentioned that she starts her day with skincare, vitamins, water and a nice latte with flavored syrup. In terms of fitness, stationary bikes, Pilates, and yoga are her cup of tea and beneficial to her mental health. Hudgens even noted that she went on a yoga retreat alone once, a move she calls “ballsy.”

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