What to Do When You Lack Motivation, According to Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

It’s all about forming small healthy habits and building from there.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses in a black and silver sequined dress and smiles at the camera.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s health platform is built around the idea of promoting both physical and mental health simultaneously. In addition to the versatile and effective workout routines that she shares both on her website, MWH, and her social media channels, the workout and wellness leader also offers her best tips and tricks for bolstering your mental health. Some of her latest advice has included encouragement to prioritize meditation in order to maximize the benefits of physical movement.

Along similar lines, the certified yoga and Pilates instructor shared a tidbit about motivation and forming habits in an Oct. 16 TikTok. From her own experience, she wrote, “When I’m lacking motivation I love to look at my habits.” For her, creating small habits is the key to regaining some semblance of motivation and bolstering it from there. “They are the things I commit to because they help me move through my days with ease,” she said.

The key, according to Wood-Tepperberg, is creating realistic habits, which, in turn, “can create massive shifts in our lives.” Her personal habit-forming takes place in small increments. She begins by performing a desired habit for five minutes every other day, ideally building it into a daily practice.

“What matters most is fitting those habits in, not doing them perfectly,” she said. After all, it's all about progress over perfection, her go-to mantra.

If you’re trying to incorporate new habits—or reincorporate old habits—into your daily routine, try Wood-Tepperberg’s tested method. Whatever the activity, do it for five minutes every other day and build from there.

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Martha Zaytoun


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