We Can’t Get Enough of Achieng Agutu’s Latest Video Highlighting Her Back Rolls and Soft Stomach

The 2023 Swim Seach co-winner shared an incredible self-love reminder on social media.
Achieng Agutu

Achieng Agutu.

Model and content creator Achieng Agutu has yet again proven why her online moniker is the “tantalizing confidence queen.” The 2023 Swim Search co-winner took to Instagram on Feb. 22 to provide an incredible self-love reminder.

In the reel, the 27-year-old donned a stunning marbled ASOS dress and turquoise Jimmy Choo heels. When Agutu’s own voice off camera asked, “Bestie, please suck in your stomach for this picture,” her on-screen self provided a quick and witty rebuttal: “In this economy? Where everything is tight?” She then cackled before adding, “Take my pictures ’cause I know I’m sexy,” before smacking her belly and turning around to point out her back rolls.

“In the TIGHTTTT ECONOMY!!!! It could NEVER be me! Take the pictute! Leave that stomach alone bestie and breatheeeee 😤 BREATHEEEEEEE😤😤😤,” she wrote in her caption, where she also credited “Backrolls @ eating good Clear skinT @ cause I am Kenyan😘💅🏾💞.”

The clip clearly resonated with many of Agutu’s 768,000 followers as much as it did with us, because tons of people chimed in to the comments section with positive feedback.

“Thank you for showing your love for all that bodyyy you have,” one fan wrote. “It is so refreshing 💗.”

“The back of the dress 😍🔥🔥,” an additional user gushed.

“This is how we should hype up not only ourselves but our friends too,” someone else added.

“You give me such inspiration,” another follower stated. “Body dysmorphia is rough for me and seeing you own ALLLLLLL your curves makes me think I can love mine too.”

Cara O’Bleness


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