The Sunglasses That Model and Influencer Sixtine Swears By

The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie revealed her go-to style during Miami Swim Week.


Summer may be over, but there is always the case to be made for incorporating sunglasses into your everyday wardrobe. Whether for added sun protection or just for the sake of accessorizing, now is just as good a time as ever to snag a pair of shades to go with your coming fall outfits.

When it comes to finding the right sunglasses, the brands and styles seem to be endless. And while everyone’s preferences differ, we made sure to ascertain some of our SI Swimsuit models’ favorite brands while we were with talent during Miami Swim Week in July.

For Sixtine, the best sunglasses are those with brown lenses, rather than the typical black ones. “It’s a fun vibe,” she explained. And when it comes to her go-to brand, the influencer’s pick is unique.

“I really love this brand called


,” she revealed. “They have a lot of cute styles.” She discovered the chic designer when they reached out and asked to send her a pair of a shades. She accepted their offer, and, in doing so, found her new favorite brand.

In terms of style, she “also really like[s] the Tom Cruise frames,” gravitating toward aviators for everyday shades. Below are a couple of SI Swimsuit-approved Vehla sunglasses in line with Sixtine’s style.

Vehla Dixie - Choc Tort/Cinnamon, $200 (

With a tortoise shell aviator frame and light brown lenses, this pair of Vehla sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any season.

Vehla Felix - Black/Choc, $200 (

This pair features a more rectangular, cat-eye-inspired frame and brown lenses—similar to one that Sixtine wore to the SI Swimsuit launch party in May.

Sixtine has been known to wear a variety of sunglass styles regardless of the season, from a pair of aviators that she sported in April to a rectangular pair that she donned for a yoga session during the SI Swim launch party.



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