Angel Reese’s Latest Manicure Might Be the Most Unique Take on a Classic Style We’ve Seen Yet

We’re considering following her lead the next time we head to the nail salon.
Angel Reese

Angel Reese.

In the realm of good manicures, there are some styles that simply can’t be beat. Intricate designs always have their moment, but once the trends die down, we’re always left with the same handful of styles that will simply never go out of style.

Though we—like everyone else—obviously love the classics, we also enjoy seeing our favorite glamorous celebrities putting their own unique spin on the age-old styles. That’s exactly what LSU star basketball player Angel Reese just did.

She was clearly looking for something simple and versatile when she headed to the salon for her latest mani—a notion that led her to the ever-classic French manicure. But she was evidently looking for something just a touch more interesting, too, than simple white tips.

But rather than going for a different color tip—the standard way of changing up the popular style—she opted for a different nail shape entirely, making the white tips just that much better.

In a recent reel that Reese shared to her TikTok, she debuted the latest manicure: carefully pointed nails with a touch of white adorning the very tips. On top of that, she sported her black hair in a sleek and voluminous series of soft curls.

We had never considered that the best way to spice up a classic manicure would be to drastically change our nail shape. But we’re starting to think it just might be the way to go the next time we head to the salon for a little self-care.

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Martha Zaytoun


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