Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s Wife, Joins the Catsuit Trend in a Leopard Print Number

The outfit was only the latest in a string of statement-makers from Kanye West’s new wife.
Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori.

Catsuits have been around for dozens of years. But we’re used to thinking of them as the vibrant base of an aerobics outfit, rather than street style. That is, until now.

The past few months to a year have proven that the style—which involves a fitted, long-sleeve one-piece in various prints and colors—has become just that: chic street style. No longer simply workout attire, the garment has become a unique piece of high-fashion, which has been seen on the likes of celebrities and models for months now.

Only the latest face to join the enduring trend is the wife of American rapper Kanye West, Bianca Censori. In the past few months, West has increasingly publicized their relationship, putting Censori, an architect for his company Yeezy, into the spotlight.

From Instagram post (like the following) to a greater number of public appearances together, the pair are making their relationship known. With the greater attention to the pair has come likewise a greater attention to Censori, whose fashion choices have been a hot topic of late.

Her latest look, which can be found here, featured a strapless leopard print catsuit—the style that just simply won’t go away—and a pair of black leather thong boots from Miu Miu. She paired the pieces with a lengthy, sheer tan trench coat.

The look was definitely a head-turner—a tendency of the catsuit trend. It was likewise in line with Censori’s other recent statement-making styles. We’re curious to see what she’ll step out in next.

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Martha Zaytoun


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