The Creamy Bronzer That Sofia Richie Uses for Her Everyday Eye Shadow Look

The product can be used on any part of your face, and the influencer uses it for a pop of color on her eyelids.
On the left, Sofia Richie smiles at the camera with her dirty blonde hair framing her face. On the right, there is a NUDESTIX Nudies All Over Face Bronzer.

Sofia Richie and NUDESTIX NUDIES MATTE All Over Face Bronze Color.

Everyday makeup routines are typically crafted with a busy schedule in mind. We don’t always have tons of time in the mornings to get ready for the day, and often we have almost no time at all. Thus, we purchase products that do double-duty and leave out the more time-intensive looks. Sofia Richie’s everyday makeup routine is no different. She uses a handful of her current favorite products to achieve a little bronzed boost and a simple, put-together appearance.

Though quick, the influencer doesn’t leave out her eyelids—a place we might normally skimp when it comes to our quick morning beauty routine. Richie makes sure to add some color to her eye, but makes it simple and, thus, easily achievable in the morning. She adds a pop of color to her eyelids using

NUDESTIX NUDIES MATTE All Over Face Bronze Color

($35), and applies the bronzer cream using just her finger. The process is quick and painless, no brush or palette necessary.

NUDESTIX NUDIES MATTE All Over Face Bronze Color, $35 (

NUDESTIX NUDIES MATTE All Over Face Bronze Color.

This all-in-one cream bronzer and brush comes in eight different shades and is meant for use all over your face: apply to eyes, cheeks and lips for a warm bronzed effect. Richie uses the shade “Bondi Bae.”

It’s easy to feel that eyelids require too much time and attention to fit into a simple everyday makeup routine. But Richie is here to prove that the process doesn’t have to be intensive, and the results are worth it. Consider adding a cream bronzer like Richie’s—fit for eyes, face or lips—into your everyday routine.

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