Here’s What Kristin Cavallari Does in the Morning Instead of Washing Her Face

The TV personality and Uncommon Beauty founder shared her morning routine in a YouTube video with “Elle.”
Kristin Cavallari.

Kristin Cavallari.

Uncommon Beauty founder Kristin Cavallari is sharing all her skin-care secrets. The Hills star walked fans through her morning routine in a recent YouTube video for Elle and revealed that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning. Instead, she lightly splashes it with water and goes straight into using some of her favorite products from her line. 

“I had a facialist tell me one time that you don’t have to [cleanse] your face in the morning because it’s still clean from the night before,” the 36-year-old explained.

The mom of three added that she’s also mindful about applying all the products she uses for her face on her neck and chest as well.

“I am all about stripping everything down,” she continued. “You can see here in the morning, I have four products that really just do the job. That’s all you need.”

She follows up her skin-care routine with coffee, getting her kids out the door on their way to school and, ideally, a workout.

Shop Cavallari’s morning beauty products below, and check out her full Uncommon Beauty collection here.

Enhanced Pineapple Peptide Nectar, $62 (

“This is my holy grail product,” Cavallari said. “This is peptides and vitamin C in one, so it’s brightening, hydrating and anti-aging—really everything you want in a serum. I load this baby on.”

Enhanced Daily Water Cream, $52 (

“The texture of it is really unique. It’s almost like a water-cream-gel,” Cavallari explained. “I take a nice big bit, and I load it on. This is so hydrating. When people say, ‘How do you get that dewy glow?’ it truly is this product.”

Enhanced Triple Effect Eye Cream, $52 (

“This is awesome because it is thick and luxurious. I love letting it kind of seep into these fine lines,” she said. “I let it sit there for a minute. If you’re going to use eye cream, do it in the morning and under makeup—you definitely want to put eye cream [on] because it just helps smooth out those fine lines, which I have, and I’m cool with that.”

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