Sofia Richie Combines Pleated Shorts, Leather Boots and a Full-Length Coat for an Elegant Fall-Ready Look

The social media personality is gearing up for seasonal fashion.
Sofia Richie wears black sunglasses and a navy plaid dress as she walks the streets of Paris.

Sofia Richie.

Much like the rest of us, Sofia Richie is gearing up for fall weather. Just as we’re considering which pieces should stay and which should go as we transition our closet for the season, the model and social media personality is sifting through her own wardrobe and putting together fabulous fall looks for the months to come.

On Oct. 4, she shared a peek of some of her curated seasonal looks on her TikTok, providing us the inspiration we so desperately need as we eye the drop in temperatures headed for us in the next week. In classic Richie fashion, all of the looks she threw on, whether simple or elaborate, were statement-makers. But we had a clear favorite: an all-black outfit featuring boots and a floor-length coat.

As a base, Richie threw on a simple black tee and pleated mini shorts. She then dressed up the basics with a pair of black leather over-the-knee boots and the floor-length black coat, which had a pop of white lining at the hem.

The 25-year-old accessorized the cool street style with a pair of oversized gold earrings, classic black sunglasses and a mini black handbag.

“Let the fall outfits begin 🍁 @Stuart Weitzman,” she captioned the post, sharing her excitement at the prospect of fall fashion.

While we got a taste of seasonal trends during the fashion week events in September, with temperatures dropping further, we’re sure to have all the inspo we could wish for from our favorite fashionable celebrities and influencers in the weeks to come. But, in the meantime, we’ll be thinking about Richie’s chic autumn streetwear preview.

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Martha Zaytoun


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