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Brooks Nader Reflects on a Hilarious and Embarrassing Modeling Moment

The SI Swimsuit model was discovered through the brand’s Swim Search in 2019.
Brooks Nader.

Brooks Nader.

Brooks Nader is getting candid. The SI Swimsuit model revealed a hilarious wardrobe mishap story to Camille Kostek during Miami Swim Week 2022.

The 26-year-old, who has been in the modeling industry for years now, made sure to point out that she has plenty of embarrassing moments to choose from. Some even “too bad” to “say out loud.”

“So the most embarrassing moment that I can talk about is probably [when] I was on the set of a shoot and I felt like I was totally slaying it,” she explained. “Everyone was staring at me and then all the production people started to come up [and] like really gather and look at me like I was an alien.”

Nader had no idea what was going on, as she was busy doing her thing and posing for the camera.

“All of a sudden, I looked up and [my] tank had fallen into the middle of my boobs and my two boobs were just flying out, flapping in the wind,” the Baton Rouge native continued. “They just like, decided not to tell me for like 10 minutes. The fact that I didn’t notice though is concerning. I was lost in the moment. I was free as a bird.”

The Home by BN founder won the brand’s Swim Search in 2019, securing her spot as a 2020 Rookie. She has shot for the magazine every year since and she’s a total pro.

“The best part about SI Swimsuit is that you can really just be yourself,” Nader said, noting that she has worked with rude casting directors in the past. “If somebody doesn’t want you how you are... now I’m like ‘I don’t want them.’”

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