Here’s How Heidi Montag Lost 22 Pounds, Transformed Physically and Mentally

The TV personality opted not to jump on the Ozempic trend, which has taken hold in celebrity circles.
Heidi Montag poses in a deep red dress and a soft wave and smiles at the camera.

Heidi Montag.

Following the birth of her second child last November, American TV personality Heidi Montag suffered from postpartum depression and struggled with body image, she said on a recent episode of Page Six’s podcast, Virtual Reali-Tea

The experience motivated her to embark on a weight-loss journey in July. Rather than ascribing to the celebrity-favorite weight loss trend—the use of the type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic—she opted for a weight-loss supplement called Hydroxycut. The product’s main ingredient works to “metabolize carbs, fats and proteins with vitamin B,” according to Page Six

Montag was “not looking for a magic wand,” she explained. “I like to do the hard work.” For her, that meant eating healthy and hitting the gym. While she has lost 22 pounds since embarking on her journey over the summer, she asserted that “being skinny isn’t my goal. Feeling good about myself is,” she said on the podcast. “I love having these new muscles and the feeling that I’m on my way to having a six-pack.”

Her journey has been made possible, in part, by the support of her loving husband, Spencer Pratt. “If I need to meditate or do some time in the gym, he’s there to watch the kids or take care of things, which I really appreciate,” she explained. “This has been a transformation physically, mentally, even spiritually, and Spencer’s been my biggest cheerleader.”

By putting in the work, the television personality is feeling stronger in both mind and body.

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Martha Zaytoun


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