Olivia Culpo Featured on New ‘MTV Cribs,’ Shows Off Her Massive L.A. Family-Packed Home

The former Miss Universe calls her house, which has many guest rooms, a “revolving door.”
Olivia Culpo.

Olivia Culpo.

Former Miss Universe and SI Swimsuit model Olivia Culpo took MTV Cribs on a tour of her gorgeous Los Angeles mansion. The first episode of Season 19 of the show aired on Oct. 27 and also featured the homes of NBA big man Dwight Howard and Bachelor personalities Matt James and Tyler Cameron.

The tour starts off with her sleek modern gray and cream bedroom, but not before she introduces “the king of the house,” her golden toy doodle Oliver, whom she shares with her NFL star boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey. 

“This room I wanted to feel like a sanctuary just calming and with a little bit of glam. I love this room. This is like my cave, my woman cave,” she says about her bedroom. “Oh, besides my closet, this is also my other favorite room.”

She added a code to get into her closet when her younger sister, Sophia, moved in.

“I decided that instead of yelling at her and getting into fights all the time about her stealing my things, I would just install this padlock,” she says. “Some things I’m not really willing to share.”

She points to her Miss USA and Miss Universe crowns as some sentimental objects she has stashed away.

Next, the camera moves into a spacious bathroom that has a two private toilets, one for her and one for McCaffrey. The footage shows that the San Francisco 49ers running back routinely leaves a stack of his clothes on the bathroom counter.

“Boys will be boys,” Culpo adds with an eye roll.

The mansion has several guest rooms, one for Sophia, one for Culpo’s personal assistant, Jackson, and more for when her many family members come to town. Culpo sits in the middle of the five Culpo siblings.

“This house is a revolving door,” she continues. “That’s what we call it. It’s crazy all the time.”

She then takes viewers into the kitchen area, where she has a separate room for  alcohol, complete with a floor-to-ceiling wine rack. Culpo mentions that she’s not picky about her liquor and just “takes what she can get.” The house has a formal living room and a more casual living room that stems off of the pristine marble-countered kitchen. The most popular part of the house, however, is the backyard.

“This is where we honestly have the most fun,” Culpo says, walking across a perfectly manicured and green grass lawn. “We just have the best time with the grill. The pool’s heated which is exciting.”

Sophia is splaying on a lawn chair in a bikini and sunglasses.

“Checkout is at noon,” Culpo says, standing in front her to block the sun.

“I’d like an extension please,” Sophia responds and Culpo jokingly replies, “Sorry, ma’am, we’re gonna have to remove you from the property.”

Classic sister behavior. Sophia, Olivia and their older sister, Aurora, are starring in a new reality series, The Culpo Sisters, that premieres Nov. 7 on TLC.

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