Olivia Dunne Has 3 Totally Understandable Red Flags When It Comes to Dating

The LSU gymnast tried TikTok’s latest trending filter and it did not disappoint.
Oliva Dunne.

Oliva Dunne.

Olivia Dunne is the queen of hopping on TikTok filters at the peak of their virality. The latest filter on the video-based platform reveals three dating “red flags” when you begin filming and tap on the screen.

The LSU gymnast created the video—which hit a little too close to home for the 20-year-old—on June 22 and shared the results with her 7.5 million followers.

“I don’t even want to know my red flags,” the on-screen text read, followed by a close-up clip of Dunne’s face eager to try the filter anyway.

“Huge screen time, Slow texter, Shops a lot” the three red flags were revealed one at a time and the 2023 SI Swimsuit model shrugged and nodded in agreement after each one.

“Emphasis on the middle flag #foryou #redflags,” she candidly captioned the post that garnered 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours.

“Slow texter, still waiting for a reply after a year…,” one fan joked.

“red flags can be overlooked ..,” another commented.

“Livvy u have no red flags your perfect🫶🏼 gueax tigers🐅,” someone else gushed.

The New Jersey native is the highest-paid female college athlete in the country and has racked up a seven-figure salary through brand deals, sponsorships and social media content as a result of the NCAA’s NIL policy.

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