Paige Lorenze Reveals How She’s Bringing Fashion to the Game of Tennis

The young entrepreneur is using her social media following and her incredible sense of style to find an intersection between the two.
Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze.

As the girlfriend of American professional tennis player Tommy Paul, influencer Paige Lorenze has found herself in the grand stands of tennis tournaments more frequently in recent years. Frequently enough, in fact, that Season 2 pilot of the hit professional tennis docudrama, Break Point, features footage of the 25-year-old hosting a pop-up for her clothing company Dairy Boy’s tennis apparel collection in the lead-up to the 2023 US Open.

As Tim Newcomb noted in the social media star’s recent interview with Forbes, the fans who lined up outside weren’t there to see Paul. They were there for Lorenze, who has built a following with her personable vlogs on YouTube and her glamorous style. Her fans are interested in her day-to-day, which includes, of course, her growing presence in the tennis realm. 

Not only does Lorenze show up to matches in her best style (classic outfits the likes of which you might imagine worn by Kate Middleton in the stands at Wimbledon), but she has also incorporated tennis aesthetics into her own branding and merchandise. The tennis collection that brought the multitude of fans to the pop-up before the US Open was not tennis gear per se, but tennis-inspired garb (think sweatshirts, tees and sweats with fun, retro-inspired graphics).

“Brands are interested in the interaction between sports and fashion,” she told Forbes. “They see me as someone going to these matches and creating high-quality content. Tennis is having its moment. It is exciting to be able to do all these things and make the most of every opportunity.”

According to the magazine, tennis didn’t play a part in her original vision for her company. But with her relationship with Paul came greater presence in the tennis world, and, thus, the collaboration between the two seemed natural.

And now she’s taking it a step further. Lorenze is actively seeking out ways of bringing fashion to the game, both in the stands and on social media. “Going to these matches has inspired me to work with fashion brands and dress up for these matches,” she said to Forbes. “I adore being outside and being sporty, but I also love being fashionable. I wouldn’t be dressing up if it wasn’t for tennis and I am grateful for that. It has inspired a love for the intersection between sports and fashion.”

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