Paige Lorenze and Pro Tennis Player Tommy Paul Just Gave Us the Best Date Night Inspo

The pair took to the outdoors for their latest activity together, and we’re feeling inspired.
Paige Lorenze and Tommy Paul pose side-by-side on the red carpet and smile for the camera.

Paige Lorenze and Tommy Paul.

Date night shouldn’t be high-stress, but it can start to feel that way when it gets just a touch too repetitive and you simply don’t have any new ideas to add to the lineup. Thankfully, if you’re beginning to feel like each night out with your significant other looks much like the last, we have some new inspo that might spark your imagination.

Social media influencer Paige Lorenze and her boyfriend, professional tennis player Tommy Paul, are the very sweet couple who gave us our latest creative idea for date night. In an Instagram clip that the YouTuber shared earlier this week, she offered up a taste of their most recent active outing: a trip to the tennis court.

For Paul, the move wasn’t totally out of the ordinary. After all, as a pro tennis player, he spends much of his time on the court. But what likely made it more fun than his typical sessions was the partner across the net from him. Lorenze was an active student, taking his instruction with ease and practicing her much less-developed game under the eye of an expert.

You may not have a significant other whose career involves professional athletics, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking the couple’s latest date night as inspo for your own. Forget a fancy dinner. For your next night out together, choose an outdoor sport or activity—one that you know well or are just learning—and hit the court or the field for a friendly practice session.

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Martha Zaytoun


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