Sydney Sweeney Reveals What Would Bring Her Back to the Set of ‘The White Lotus’

She’s not ruling out the possibility of a return to the role of Olivia on the hit drama.
Sydney Sweeney poses in a cream mesh dress and diamond huggie earrings and looks over her shoulder at the camera.

Sydney Sweeney.

Right now, actress Sydney Sweeney is hyper-focused on one project. She has been traveling around for weeks promoting her latest movie, Anyone But You, alongside costar Glen Powell. With the movie’s release set for Dec. 22, the star has been making the rounds to different red carpet premieres and stirring up excitement for her latest film. 

But soon enough, she will be in search of a new project, and it seems that another bout of The White Lotus is not totally out of the realm of possibility. In a recent interview with Marie Claire Australia, Sweeney divulged her absolute love for the country that played host to her soon-to-be-released romantic comedy. But she also talked about her roles in both The White Lotus and Euphoria.

According to Marie Claire Australia, there have been conversations about bringing past characters back in future seasons of the popular drama, The White Lotus. Sweeney’s reappearance as Olivia isn’t a given, though. When asked if she would return to the show for future seasons, she replied with a “maybe.” 

“It would have to be the right story. If the story works for Olivia, then of course,” she told the outlet. “[Creator/director] Mike White and the entire team on White Lotus are a blast. I still hang out with all of them all the time. So I would of course want to be with that group again. But Olivia was such a unique and special experience that I want to either continue that thoughtfully or keep her wrapped up.”

Though not a guarantee, she’s not ruling it out, either. But, for right now, Sweeney’s focus is elsewhere. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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Martha Zaytoun


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