Fans Cheer on Actress Lili Reinhart After She Opens Up About Body Dysmorphia

The actress shared her feelings about how arm size is often portrayed in the media.
Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart.

With a recent social media post, actress Lili Reinhart proved that often times, celebrities have self-image issues just like the rest of us. The Riverdale star took to platform X to facilitate a conversation while opening up about an insecurity: the size of her arms. 

“I wish there were more average sized arms represented in mainstream media for women,” the 27-year-old actress wrote. “My body dysmorphia has been going crazy because I feel like my arms need to be half the size they are currently? We’ve glamorized these skinny arms that, for most of us, can only be achieved if you’re a literal adolescent.”

She then stated that it’s a wonder that anyone who pays attention to mainstream media doesn’t develop body dysmorphia. “The amount of time I’ve wasted thinking about my arms in the last few months is insane,” Reinhart added. “I wanted to throw my own thoughts out there to let other women know they aren’t alone.”

Many of the Hustlers star’s 3.2 million followers on the platform thanked Reinhart for her transparency while lifting her up with tweets of their own.

“Been thinking about this exact thing 🥲 thank you,” one person wrote.

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone talk about this. Whenever I get ready I feel like I look pretty but that my arms are too big or that the photos will look terrible because of it,” another fan admitted.

“Just as I tell my daughter, You are beautiful as you are,” someone else complimented. “Full stop.”

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