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Fitness Influencer Megan Roup Details Booty Workout She Leads for Supermodel Miranda Kerr

Follow this quick routine to build your booty, but don’t forget to stretch first.
Megan Roup and Miranda Kerr

Megan Roup and Miranda Kerr.

Celebrity trainer Megan Roup is known for training elite clientele like Miranda Kerr, Hunter McGrady and Shay Mitchell, but the fitness influencer occasionally gives fans a sneak peek at her exclusive programming on social media.

Roup is founder and CEO of The Sculpt Society (TSS), a dance cardio workout app that empowers women through movement and promises access to “the same in-studio workout that celebrities and supermodels flock to” in your own home. The former NBA dancer shared the exact booty workout she does with Kerr on Instagram.

The exercise includes 24 reps each of straight leg lifts, fire hydrant kickbacks, circles and straight pulses, which she instructs should be completed on the right side first and then repeated on the left.

“I’ll never forget my first workout with Megan, I felt like every muscle in my body had been worked out, it was such a good feeling! Over the years, she has also taught me how to incorporate quickie workouts into my busy mom/work life,” Kerr said in a testimonial on Roup’s website. The model added that while working out for a full hour can be overwhelming, she gravitates to Roup’s short and effective sessions.

Kerr, 39, is also a mom and founder and CEO of KORA Organics, a cruelty-free and certified-organic skincare line. Earlier this fall, she teamed up with Roup for a two-week, low impact workout program composed of 20-minute full-body workouts available on Roup’s TSS app.

When the two spoke with Forbes in October, Roup shared her excitement about collaborating with Kerr on the program.

“Movement is incredibly important to both of us, so getting to create these workouts and share them with our communities is really special,” Roup said. “When it comes to working out I am all about committing to less so I can show up more!”

In addition to sneak peeks of her celeb workouts (like this one with model Karlie Kloss), Roup shares wellness tips, healthy recipes and more with her 309,000 Instagram followers. Similarly, Kerr is incredibly passionate about wellness. 

“I love moving my body and the energy it brings. Life is busy but just taking a few moments for yourself makes the world of a difference,” Kerr told Forbes

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