Lucy Hale Talks Importance of Looking After Mental Health, Offers Sage Self-Care Advice

The actress served as a keynote speaker at the One Young World summit.
Lucy Hale wears a black strapless dress and her brown hair in a soft curl and smiles at the camera.

Lucy Hale.

“Mental health isn’t something that you finish, it’s a lifelong journey,” actress Lucy Hale said at the 2023 One Young World Summit Belfast in early October. The 34-year-old served as the mental health keynote speaker at this year’s conference in Northern Ireland, offering her thoughts on the importance of mental health and self-care.

“It takes time and patience” to cultivate good mental health practices, she said in a video posted by the One Young World Instagram account, urging people to be patient and put in the necessary work. According to her, mental health should be a top priority for everyone because everything else depends on a healthy mindset.

When it comes to navigating pressures—whether you’re in the spotlight or not—Hale said it’s just about “finding that balance for yourself [and] remaining true to who you are.” Prioritizing authenticity, she noted, is all you can really do to ensure balance.

For her, self-care comes in several different forms. Her go-to practices include mindfulness, meditation, time spent outside and with her dogs, and perhaps most importantly, “connection with others,” she said. “I find that when I openly speak to people and find people [who] feel the same way, I feel less alone.”

At the end of the day, “all we can really ask for” is to “know we are not alone in our feelings,” Hale said, stressing the importance of honesty and openness with others.

In another Instagram post that the actress herself shared, she expressed how meaningful her participation in this year’s conference was and reiterated her mental health message. “There is strength in being exactly who we are ♥️,” she wrote in the caption.

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