Alix Earle Reveals How She Embraced Authenticity on Social Media

This one decision changed the course of her influencing career.
Alix Earle
Alix Earle / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Alix Earle is known for being an open book. The social media influencer treats her followers like her friends, sharing honest outtakes from her life—the good, the bad and the embarrassing. Her “get ready with me content” takes her fans on a deep dive into different aspects of her life, including her work, relationships and even her acne struggles.

It may surprise her newer fans—or those less acquainted with the TikTok star—to learn that this hasn’t always been the case. She hasn’t always been the same open, honest social media personality that she is today.

“When I first started ... I was obsessed with trying to create a perfect profile and a perfect image of myself, just as I feel a lot of people do on social media,” she said in a recent cover story for Flaunt magazine. Influenced by what she saw others posting, Earle leaned into curating “this perfect picture” on her profiles. She followed that mode “for years and years,” choosing not to share details about her personal life. It wasn’t until she “started to struggle with acne” that things changed.

“It made me so insecure that I didn’t want to post anymore, yet I had this passion for posting content and being in front of the camera,” she explained. “One day I just decided to tell everyone, ‘Hey, you know, I haven’t really been posting ‘cause my acne has been really bad, but here’s how I cover it up with makeup.’ "

And so began the honest and open posts that Earle is known for now. It wasn’t long before her following started to grow exponentially. As it turned out, people were interested in the raw, unfiltered content. “It just gave my brand a whole different meaning and I realized the power of being authentic online and being yourself ... as much as it is vulnerable and scary,” she said.

Earle has taken that initial realization and run with it, establishing herself in the influencing world in a manner unlike many others.

Martha Zaytoun