Alex Morgan on Being a Confident Woman and Equity in Sports

The USWNT player created the Alex Morgan Foundation to help women of all ages ‘find confident paths forward in sport and in life.’
Alex Morgan.

Alex Morgan.

Alex Morgan is giving back. The San Diego Wave FC player recently launched the Alex Morgan Foundation, an organization that is committed to providing resources and helping women of all ages—from young girls to mid-career moms—be their most confident selves and forge their own paths in the sports world.

The charity posted an Instagram video on March 21 of the 33-year-old detailing why the foundation was important and her own experiences with self-doubt in the past.

“Being confident is inherently difficult, I think for girls and women. I’ve had my fair share of inequity in sport and in life and I want to be able to use my platform to make a difference in the community,” she said in a voiceover as incredible clips and snippets of her on the soccer field were shown on the screen. “Here in San Diego, we’re launching the Alex Morgan Foundation—creating a path forward for girls and using the platform of sport to help with confidence and self-belief. I want moms to feel like they have the resources necessary to tackle having a child and dominate in the workplace. Sport has given me just an incredible platform to be the best version of myself. I want every girl to be able to experience that.”

Morgan shares her 2-year-old daughter, Charlie, with her husband, pro soccer player Servando Carrasco. She led the U.S. Women’s National Team to a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics just one year after she welcomed her baby girl in May 2020.

“When girls and women are given opportunities in life, it leads to transformative change within themselves and their communities,” she captioned the March 21 joint post. “The Alex Morgan Foundation is committed to creating the opportunities needed for girls and women to find their own confident paths forward on the field and off. Join us as we build a more empowered and equitable future everywhere.”

For women like Morgan, Crystal Dunn, Serena Williams, Candace Parker and many others, there’s no rulebook for being a world-class athlete and a mom. There’s no right time or way to re-enter the sport, and while some people expect a perfect bounce back, others think starting a family means ending a career. 

Morgan spoke candidly in an interview with People about how she is raising her daughter. 

“[The] goal is to raise a daughter that’s confident, that’s strong and believes in herself and that finds things she loves to do in life that fulfill her,” she said. “I want her to see that she has no limits, that she feels fearless and like she can accomplish anything and everything and I want her to be proud of her mommy.”

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