Kate Hudson Just Took a Page Out of Cameron Diaz’s Iconic ‘The Holiday’ Style, and Fans Can’t Get Enough

The actress stepped out in timeless winter fashion that recalled the film’s fabulous seasonal looks.
Kate Hudson poses in a gray blazer and silver drop earrings and smiles for the camera.

Kate Hudson.

Though untraditional, there’s no denying it, The Holiday is one of the best seasonal films of our current age. By our estimation, there are a handful of reasons that it has remained a popular favorite since its release in 2006. 

For one, it seamlessly blends the romantic comedy and holiday categories. The movie is beloved for its aesthetics. Small town England in the snow? Who isn’t enamored with the idea? Christmas certainly isn’t the top agenda for the movie; romance is. But the added seasonal touches make it the perfect movie to have on repeat during the holiday season.

But, perhaps more importantly is the lasting style that the movie presents. Cameron Diaz’s character, Amanda, is the picture of glamorous winter style. Even nearing 20 years from its release, her seasonal dress remains totally classic and in vogue. There isn’t an outfit that she sported throughout the film that we ourselves wouldn’t happily be in possession of today.

Which is to say, we are quick to recognize her iconic style cropping up in fashionable winter wear year after year, and Kate Hudson was the most recent celebrity to imitate Diaz’s fabulous film style.

The actress stepped out for a late night stroll in New York in her best timeless seasonal fashion, which incorporated all the best elements of Diaz’s character. Her tan-and-brown sherpa coat reminded us instantly of Amanda’s iconic jacket in the film, and her cream knit hat again mimicked those that The Holiday character wore.

Her fans were about as enamored as we were. “This look 😍,” one gushed in the comment section of her Instagram post featuring the look.

“obsessed with this,” another added.

“Fabulous,” a follower wrote.

Diaz’s style from the film is simple, timeless elegance that makes it so recognizable in today’s winter fashion, and, particularly, in Hudson’s latest look.

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Martha Zaytoun


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