Alix Earle Opens Up About Her Acne Journey on ‘Hot Mess’

In her latest podcast episode, the influencer dove into her experience in an effort to help others.
Alix Earle wears a strapless dress and sports her blonde hair in a soft curl.

Alix Earle.

Alix Earle is unapologetically honest. In fact, it’s the very trait to which the social media influencer attributes her ever-growing following. She said as much in a recent interview with Nylon. She shares as much detail with her followers as she does with her friends, and makes fans feel like they’re in her inner circle.

If you’re wondering how that manifests in the 22-year-old’s online content, look no further than the latest episode of her podcast, Hot Mess. In the past, Earle has shared tidbits about her ongoing journey with acne, but her followers have always asked for a deeper dive. So she gave it to them. Her latest episode, titled “Alix vs. Acne,” took her followers on the journey with her. 

Earle explored everything from the beginning of her acne journey in middle school—and the embarrassment she felt as a result of it—to confronting her insecurities and sharing photos on social media in which her acne is visible.

In an effort to be completely transparent, she filmed the episode without any makeup on. “I feel like that felt hypocritical to be talking about acne and my skin and be covering up with tons of foundation and concealer,” she explained of the decision.

The episode was meant to be encouraging for others who face the same issues and the same insecurities. After all, “acne is normal and mostly everyone deals with it at some point in their life,” Earle reminded her audience. And the contents found purchase with several of her followers, who posted likewise honest Instagram stories to thank the social media influencer.

It isn’t the first time she has publicly shared details about her acne journey. Earle has several TikTok videos where she’s talked about her experience and the products or medications that have helped her.

It may not have been her first foray into the subject, but it certainly was the most in-depth dive. Listen to the full episode on podcast platforms now to hear more about her experience.

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