Ashley Graham Announces New Show ‘Side Hustlers’ for Aspiring Businesswomen

Her work has always been an inspiration, and her latest venture is no exception.
Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham is always up to something. This time around, it’s a new TV show. The American model and entrepreneur just announced that a new show, Side Hustlers, hosted by herself and Emma Grede, will be coming to Roku on March 1. 

In the new series, Graham and her cohost mentor a series of women who have started their own businesses. Their endeavors ranged from businesses that the pair had “never even thought of” to those that were in a “saturated market, but still needed and necessary,” she said in a recent TikTok.

The point of the show is simple: help these women as they build their business and introduce them to the “rigorous issues of building a business,” according to Graham. At the end, they decided which of the ventures to invest in.

“This show is so inspiring for anybody who’s building a business, thinking about building a business, you feel like you’re in a rut, you don’t know where to go,” Graham said of the program. She may be biased—it is her own show, after all—but we are certainly bought into the idea.

If you are exploring your own venture right now—or are simply vaguely considering the possibility of doing so—do yourself a favor and add this show to your watchlist. According to Graham, the program “gets personal.” And what could be better than learning from an absolute boss and entrepreneur like the 36-year-old model herself?

For a sneak peak of the show, check out her TikTok announcement. It culminates in a trailer teasing the exciting new show.

Martha Zaytoun


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