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Ashton Kutcher Explains Why He’s in Awe of Reese Witherspoon

The duo stars together in a Netflix rom-com releasing in February.
Ashton Kutcher attends “Vengeance” premiere during the 2022 Tribeca Festival.

Ashton Kutcher attends “Vengeance” premiere during the 2022 Tribeca Festival.

Did you know Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon are the stars of a new rom-com? The two actors proved that they have palpable on- and off-screen chemistry with their latest Instagram interaction in the promotion of the project.

The Netflix original, Your Place Or Mine?, will be available to stream on the platform on Feb. 10, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Kutcher posted a video of a recorded Facetime call between the two actors in which he revealed if he could film a romantic comedy with anyone, it would be Witherspoon. 

“Ashton, that is so sweet,” she replied. “That is literally the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.” Kutcher jokingly admitted that it’s a line he has used on previous rom-com co-stars. “It worked on Natalie Portman (No Strings Attached) and Cameron Diaz (What Happens in Vegas),” he said. “It’s a lady-killer.”

But the cuteness didn’t stop there. 

“A plus K plus RW,” Witherspoon commented on his video, in reference to his Instagram handle, @aplusk.

“RW, I know you’re like insanely busy,” Kutcher said in another IG video, scratching his head in confusion. “How do you have time to respond to my Instagram that I posted moments ago? How do you have time to run your business and work so much and all of that and respond to my Instagram?”

Fans chimed in comments in support of the The Morning Show star. “She’s a WOMAN, OKAY??” someone said, while another wrote, “Women can do all at the same time.”

Several people took advantage of the perfect Legally Blonde reference moment and commented: “What, like it’s hard?”