Haley Kalil Reveals the Extensive Process She Went Through to Troll the Internet

The 2018 Swim Search winner tricked her fans into thinking she shaved off an eyebrow.
Haley Kalil

Haley Kalil.

Haley Kalil is never one to shy away from a comedic take. Last month, the SI Swimsuit model recreated Doja Cat’s gem-encrusted Schiaparelli fashion show look for her Instagram followers. Recently, she tried convincing her loyal following that she shaved off a single eyebrow.

In the initial March 17 post, Kalil filmed herself discussing the idea of shaving off the tail ends of her eyebrows, a trend that gives the face a “lifted” look. As she held the razor to her brow, the sound of a dog barking in the background startled Kalil and caused her to shave off her entire eyebrow—or did it?

For the next few days, the 30-year-old model shared she was trying avoid having a mental breakdown due to the missing brow while also attempting to convince her fans her eyebrow really was gone by scrubbing at the area with a makeup wipe on camera. She concluded the series with a video that showcased the ordeal was all just a dream.

Kalil broke down her “eyebrow-gate” trick in a two-part IG tutorial. In the first, she shared step-by-step how she used Adobe After Effects to achieve the illusion with the help of director Max Goodrich.

“SOMONE GIVE HER AN OSCAR,” a fan pleaded in the comments section.

In part two, she continued divulging the process of how she went frame-by-frame in the editing program to make sure everything looked as realistic as possible—including placing tiny little hairs to mimic hair growth.

“It’s the dedication for meee 👏,” one person wrote.

“hailey i feel betrayed 💔,” another follower added.

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