Kamie Crawford Reveals the Sweet Highlight of Her Past Year

The model and TV personality shared what got her through a rough 2023.
Kamie Crawford

Kamie Crawford.

Admittedly, 2023 wasn’t easy for SI Swimsuit model and American television host Kamie Crawford. For reasons she opted not to disclose, it was “the worst year of [her] life,” she said in the comeback episode of her podcast, Relationsh*t with Kamie Crawford.

Her show had been on hiatus since last August, which she declared a good thing given the state of her life and mental well-being. But she’s back now and had a sweet message to share about the one highlight of her 2023 despite all of the darkness.

It wasn’t her career or any of her other work obligations. No, the highlight of Crawford’s year was a person, who seemingly came into her life at just the right time. In her aptly timed Valentine’s Day episode, Crawford admitted that her new boyfriend, who she started dating last year, was the bright spot of her year. “If 2023 was sh--, which it was, the one highlight and beaming hope of light in my life was that man,” she said of her boyfriend on the episode.

“I am so obsessed with him,” she continued. “We are so obsessed with each other. It’s actually kind of insane. But we’re doing so well, and we’re so happy. I’ve just never been happier in my life in a relationship, ever.”

While Crawford’s fans are no doubt absolutely overjoyed for her, it doesn’t seem like his identity will be revealed anytime soon. So if you’re holding your breath for Crawford to post a photo of her new beau, hang in there. She may share bits and pieces of his appearance from time to time, but never a full reveal. “I’m still not sharing his ... pictures, though,” she added.

Martha Zaytoun


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