Why Pamela Anderson Was Shocked That Her Makeup-Free Looks Made Headlines

The model, actress and mom of two went bare-faced for her ‘Women’s Wear Daily’ cover photoshoot in February.
Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson has been a staple in headlines for years—whether it’s glamorous premiere looks, snippets of her memoir or people recreating her iconic Baywatch red one-piece, the Canadian-American model and actress is used to the spotlight. But, the 56-year-old said that her recent newsworthy moments have been an unexpected shift that she’s sort of indifferent toward.

After she decided to go makeup-free for her Women’s Wear Daily cover photoshoot in February, and has continued the streak ever since, tons of outlets began to write about her choice. With every new red carpet and star-studded appearance, society deemed her not wearing makeup somewhat of a rebellious act. But to Anderson, a mom of two, it’s not really a big deal, and she’s just doing it for her own comfort and ease.

“I didn’t really even think anyone would notice,” she told British Vogue before her simple bare-face moment at The Fashion Awards 2023 in London on Dec. 4. “I was doing it more for me than anything. I was just like, ‘Why am I putting so much effort into this? Why am I in a makeup chair for three hours? I’m just keeping it simple.”

Anderson added that she still values her skincare, but doesn’t really do anything extraordinary or “regimented.” She is entering a new era of her life, where she is finding confidence in her natural look and just embracing who she is.

“I think it’s a self-acceptance time of my life; just peeling back the layers—it’s almost like a fresh slate,” the Barb Wire actress stated. “I thought I was retired, but it hasn’t ended up that way. This is a whole new chapter.”

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