The 5 Kettlebell Exercises Marquita Pring Swears by

While it wasn’t easy to narrow it down, here are her favorite strength-building movements.
Marquita Pring

Marquita Pring.

When we asked four-time SI Swimsuit model Marquita Pring what her favorite exercises are, one thing was clear: the moves had to involve kettle bells. “I think kettlebells are life-changing,” she told the team. 

But, beyond that, narrowing her list of movements down to just five was a challenge. “There’s so many you can do it, it’s hard to choose just one,” Pring exclaimed of the process. “And, I mean, everything targets a different area.”

Despite the challenge, she was able to come up with her list in the end. Her favorite kettle bell exercises are as follows:


A swing is the “go-to” for the model. While it certainly works your whole body, it particularly targets your posterior chain, which includes your glutes and hamstrings.


Another of Pring’s favorites, this movement entails starting with the weight low to the ground and pulling it up high as you straighten up into a standing position. Like the swings, it’s certainly a full-body burner.


Ab exercises with kettlebells are also high on Pring’s list. Laying on your back with your legs lifted and your core engaged, you use one arm to push a kettle bell overhead.


This is a classic, and one that you can likewise complete with a dumbbell. Either way, you’re sure to work your arms.

Lunges and squats

These are classic moves, but add a kettlebell and its “phenomenal,” Pring guaranteed. “It’s much easier to have one solid weight in the middle, instead of having two.”

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Martha Zaytoun


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