Katie Austin Warns of the Dangers of Over-Exercising, Encourages Rest

Wellness-themed words of inspiration from our three-time SI Swimsuit model.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

Fitness influencer Katie Austin issued an important health reminder on her Instagram story earlier this week. During a Q&A-style “Ask Me Anything” session on Thursday, a follower asked how to get comfortable with cutting down on daily workouts, noting that they exercise “way too long” every day.

The three-time SI Swimsuit model’s response was both thoughtful and encouraging.

“I think over exercising can lead to not only muscle strain and body stress, but also remove enjoyment from fitness :/,” she wrote. “it might help to switch the perspective from ‘I’m working out bc I have to burn x amount of calories’ ‘I HAVE to hit x goals today’ to ‘I’m working out to feel great and energize me today’ ‘I’m working out for my mental health too!’ 30 minute workouts are wonderful for your mind AND your body! Your body needs rest!”

The 29-year-old is creator of the Katie Austin App, where she provides more than 275 home workout classes and healthy recipes for her subscribers. Austin will soon embark on a live workout tour, in which she’ll head to cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago throughout the fall to exercise with fans in person. While the majority of dates and locations are already sold out, you can purchase tickets here.

Whether you’re working out with her in person or on the app, know that Austin will encourage you to reach your fitness and wellness goals without going overdoing it.

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