Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s Method for Maintaining Routine During the Holidays

The MWH founder shares her wellness advice, as well as her favorite products to gift.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses with her arms outstretched and smiles widely at the camera.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg has built a brand on a belief that movement should be accessible to all. Through her platform, MWH, she offers classes of various lengths and disciplines for followers to take on their own time and in their own space. With an eye to overall wellness, too, she has successfully woven well-being practices and tips into the content that she provides both her social media following and her MWH subscribers. Her class offerings include meditation, and her thoughtful tips emanate from her own life experience.

All of this is why, when it comes to maintaining balance throughout the holiday season, we turned to the workout and wellness leader herself for advice.

Maintaining balance throughout the holidays

We all know the holidays have a tendency to disrupt routine—and that, often, exercise and wellness can be the first things to go when times get tough. If you have found yourself scrambling to keep up your typical daily practices during the season, Wood-Tepperberg has some advice for you.

Maintaining a routine is “crucial” for Wood-Tepperberg, she assures us in an exclusive interview. While true all year, it becomes especially important during the holidays because “it gives me mental stability amidst all the chaos,” she says.

Routines are important for a variety of reasons, but particularly because they “act as an anchor, offering a sense of balance and helping nurture healthy habits,” Wood-Tepperberg explains.

Though she prioritizes “self-care practices like meditation and mindfulness as if it’s any other time of year,” when routines do get disrupted, movement becomes harder to integrate into a daily schedule. Rather than forcing a long workout, she modifies her expectations and focuses on “small movements,” such as “a quick 15-minute full-body workout or a brisk walk around the block.” After all, “doing something is better than nothing, that’s my forever motto,” she says.

If, after the holiday season, you’re finding it hard to return to pre-holiday routines, “being kind to yourself” should be your first priority. “Acknowledge that it’s O.K. to feel off and give yourself permission and grace,” she urges. From there, focus on mindfulness practices rather than jumping right back into a full-blown movement-heavy routine. Start with ”deep breathing or a short meditation to calm the body and mind and engaging in physical activities that you enjoy,” which “can help you regain your sense of strength.”

Her holiday traditions

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember the purpose of the season. Routines will return, and, in the meantime, take time to enjoy the traditions and the time with family.

Wood-Tepperberg celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas with her loved ones. Much like the rest of us, in addition to the family time and the tradition, this time of year includes gift-giving for the MWH founder. She makes a “power list” of all the family and friends that she wants to give a gift to and gradually chips away at it.

The wellness products she’s gifting this season

Wellness gifts are a must-buy for Wood-Teppberg. For the fitness and the wellness lovers in your life, the following products, which come highly recommended by the fitness leader herself, could just be the perfect gift. Here’s what she’s buying for the holidays—for herself or others.

Athleta Solace Bra, $34.99 to $54 (

In the words of Wood-Tepperberg, “You can never go wrong with gifting a comfortable workout set that also makes you feel confident!” Athleta’s Solace Bra and

Ultra High Rise Elation Tight

($53.40 to $99) in Grey Shine are her current picks. “I love to dress mine up for the day by throwing a blazer over,” she says.

Goop Beauty Ultimate Dry Brush, $25 (

“A dry brush is the best for stimulating lymphatic drainage. I use mine every day,” she reveals.

Athleta Pursuit Sateen Down Puffer, $149.40 (

“A classic puffer jacket is the perfect gift for anyone,” the workout and wellness leader says. “I love this one from Athleta for throwing over a workout set or for travel.”

Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal, $29 (

As someone who thinks “we have the power to change how we feel,” Wood-Tepperberg says the Five Minute Journal is a go-to gift. “I’m a big believer in writing down what you want to manifest in your life to bring it to fruition.”

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer, $179.95 (

This is a product that “changed my life,” she says. “It made such a difference in my gut health and skin. I love to share juicing with others. It’s such an effective way to impact your health.”

Melissa Wood Health Membership, $99 per year (

As the founder of MWH, she would be remiss not to mention her incredible platform. “Of course my forever gift,” she says. “There’s no better gift than the gift of wellness.”

Melissa Wood Health Prop Kit, $75 (

According to Wood-Tepperberg, “The Prop Kit includes everything you need to add that extra intensity to your workouts to amplify your results, including 1 pound weights, a ball and a band. It’s perfect for travel!”

Melissa Wood Health The Mat, $129 (

This mat is “essential for your workout every day and the perfect match to the prop kit,” she says.

Joovv Quad 3.0 Kit, $6,899 (

A light therapy board that the wellness leader “meditate[s] in front of... every single day,” she reveals. “[I] swear it helps regulate your nervous system.”

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