SI Swim Search Model Summer Wilson Shares the Benefits She’s Experienced Being Sober

The former NFL cheerleader is loving dry January so far.
Summer Wilson.

Summer Wilson.

SI Swim Search model Summer Wilson is partaking in dry January—avoiding alcohol for the entire month—and she said it has changed her life in just 22 days. The former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader shared a TikTok detailing her experience so far, along with all the benefits she’s enjoying.

“I think a lot of my friends, probably family too, would lol if they ever heard me say that I am on the sober, non-drinking side of TikTok right now,” she stated. “But I am, and it’s literally been 22 days. But actually, that’s kind of a feat for someone who lives in Florida, and there’s literally an opportunity or an occasion to drink every day.”

Wilson pointed to the “taco and tequila Tuesday,” “wine Wednesday” and “Thursday is basically Friday” mentality in addition to weekend drinking culture as the culprit.

“I, for one, always love partaking in those,” she clarified. “I’m not here like ‘holier than thou.’ I’m just here to talk about [how] I’m doing it right now, and I don’t know how long. It originally started with dry January, but now I’m like ‘Am I a sober girly? Do I even want to drink again?’ strictly because of how good I feel.”

Here are some of the pros Wilson has experienced from not drinking alcohol so far this year.

  • “I thought that alcohol makes me funnier. Turns out it probably makes me more annoying—like maybe people are laughing at me and not with me.” She added that it’s nice to know that she still has a “personality” without alcohol “stealing the spotlight.”
  • “I’m not anxious. It’s kind of crazy to think that you’re passing the power over to a substance that really leaves you with no control of yourself.”
  • “A Monday feels like a Saturday and a Saturday feels like a Monday. Every day is kind of the same and is presenting you the same opportunities.”
  • “You don’t feel like s---. You’re not drained. You’re not puffy, you’re not dehydrated.”
  • “My face. I have a jawline again.”
  • “I’m more present. Like I can carry on a conversation.”
  • “My boyfriend and I are not fighting about anything, nothing stupid at all.”
  • “You have the power. How empowering is that there’s nothing taken away from your potential and every day you can crush it.”

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