Sixtine Has an Important Message About AI Filters and Their Impact

The content creator and model shared her thoughts on a new TikTok feature.


Body neutrality influencer Sixtine is the queen of clapping back at social media trends that just don’t make sense. Her recent TikTok discourse is around an artificial intelligence filter that generates your “fitness” body—usually with a form that very loosely resembles you and adds a extremely toned and tanned six-pack to your existing features

Other AI filters on the app aren’t problematic, as they simply show you in a different time period or transport you to a fictional world and reveal what you would look like as a character there. Some take a photo of you and predict what you might look like 30 years in the future, and one even turns you into Pixar characters with luscious animated hair and doe eyes.

“I keep seeing this [filter] and I don’t like it. You cannot hate yourself into a body you love. Plain and simple. I do not think that AI-ing yourself into your dream body is ever going to help you get there in a healthy way. If you are going to the gym or working out or dieting, or starving yourself or any of those means with this particular body mind that an AI created you are going to be miserable,” the 26-year-old explained.

The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie, who was photographed by Yu Tsai in Dominica last year for her feature with the magazine, has built her platform around encouraging the message that her body is the least interesting thing about her.

“Just because AI can create that body doesn’t mean you can. All of our bodies react differently to working out and eating. And at the end of the day, some of us, not all of us, are just made for six-packs. You could work out all the time, you still [might] be thick. That’s how I am and that’s O.K,” she continued. “I truly think that working out in general, only under the context of how you’re going to look or aesthetics, is just [not] sustainable in the long term. So go to the gym to get strong, go to the gym so that your body can move how you want it to, go to the gym so that you can go on that crazy hike in the mountains. But don’t go to the gym to look like something that AI created and stop obsessing over these AI creations and constantly hoping and wishing and yearning for a body that you’re just probably never gonna have. That is like the number one straight path to misery.”

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Ananya Panchal


Ananya Panchal is a NYC-based Lifestyle & Trending News writer at SI Swimsuit. Before joining the Swim team, the Boston University Alum worked for culture & entertainment beats at Bustle, The San Francisco Chronicle and the TODAY Show. When Ananya is not writing or doom-scrolling on social media, she can be found playing sudoku, rewatching One Tree Hill or trying new restaurants. She's also a coffee and chocolate (separately) enthusiast.