Watch: Katie Austin Shares Her Relatable Hangover Morning Routine

We love to see a realistic morning wellness routine.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

Katie Austin is the queen of relatable and helpful content, whether she’s offering up suggestions for a natural headache remedy or providing a six-step, at-home Pilates exercise.

The SI Swimsuit model’s latest Instagram post is no exception. Yesterday, Austin offered a glimpse into her realistic morning routine when she’s suffering from a hangover.

“My morning routine when I accidentally wake up a little bit too hungover,” she said in her video. “First things first, I make the bed to make myself feel a little bit put together. I chug two of these huge mason jars of water to hydrate immediately.”

The 29-year-old fitness influencer shared that she then dunks her head in ice water before making a quick breakfast of hash browns with diced bacon paired with scrambled eggs and coffee.

“I always think working out when you are hungover actually really helps to sweat it out,” she said, adding that she went to the gym and did a 25-minute workout on the StairMaster.

“I felt really good afterwards and finally felt like I had some energy,” Austin said, noting that the rest of her day consisted of getting ready for virtual interviews and a virtual shoot.

Her followers clearly found Austin’s routine refreshing, as the comments section was filled with praise.

“As a viewer it’s so nice seeing a fitness influencer doing a realistic workout while being hungover,” commented one fan, while another person said, “Love this, not every morning is *glamorous* but gotta push through.”

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