Wellness Wednesdays: Join Leticia Martinez for Weekly Live Workouts This Month

Prepare to sweat with the Florida-based fitness instructor this evening at 6:30 p.m. ET.
Leticia Martinez

Leticia Martinez.

Leticia Martinez’s passion for fitness is palpable. In a casual conversation with SI Lifestyle, the Florida-based fitness instructor had a lot to share about the importance of movement.

She felt it firsthand when high school ended and she no longer had a coach walking her through her track workouts or her strength routines. There was a void, and it needed filling. “I decided to take matters into my own hands,” she says. “I got my certified personal training certification.”

At that point, it ceased being personal. She appreciated the benefits she reaped from her newfound passion, but she also felt the need to share her knowledge with others. As it turned out, her passion didn’t just lie in training itself, but in sharing her expertise with others.

Her journey to launching The Elevate App

She wanted to share what she had learned from “being an athlete,” she explains. But she didn’t just want to share sequences or sets and leave it at that. Martinez wanted to make sure that her students understood the moves they were meant to perform. This is one of the more integral pieces of her practice.

“Strength training ... can definitely be intimidating in the beginning,” she says. So, she strives to be the kind of coach who “break[s] [the moves] down for them, helping them set a good foundation so they can keep that momentum going.”

This past year, the instructor launched The Elevate App with that in mind. “My main goal on [on the app] is to educate, motivate and inspire other individuals to incorporate straight strength training into their daily routine” and to experience “all the amazing benefits that come with it,” she explains.

The app is dynamic and offers all levels of workouts—beginner, intermediate and advanced—and both individual routines and multiple week-long programs.

Her goal is simple: “Educating the individual when it comes to movement and ... strength training,” she remarks. “There’s a lot of educational information on there, such as form breakdown and how to do the major movements, such as squatting and lunging.” With a holistic sense of wellness in mind, it also offers recipes to ensure that followers are properly fueled for their strength workouts. And, if you’re needing one-on-one counseling, you can chat with Martinez and ask her questions about strength training.

Work out with Martinez live on Instagram

For all of these reasons, we are overjoyed that the fitness instructor will be joining us for Wellness Wednesdays, a series of live workouts throughout the month of January, on The Swimfluence Network Instagram account. Each Wednesday this month, she will be teaching a different live class, or a mid-week boost, as she calls it.

Each week, she will give viewers a taste of strength training and moving different areas of the body. Ultimately, her goal is to show followers that “they can get an amazing and effective workout in from the comfort of their own home with little-to-no equipment.”

Join us each Wednesday, starting Jan. 10 at 6:30 p.m., on The Swimfluence Network for a kickstart to your year of wellness.

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