The Perfect 7-Move Workout for When You’re on-the-Go

Courtesy of fitness instructor Kayla Itsines, the set is meant for limited space and minimal equipment.
Mat workout
Mat workout / Daily News and Wicked Local Staff

Summer is almost upon us, and with it, seasonal travel. The warm weather months are a time of lax routines and more flexibility. It is a reality that makes keeping up your typical fitness routine that much more challenging. When travel is introduced into the mix, you not only have to balance a busy schedule, but you have to navigate working out in an unfamiliar space with little-to-no equipment.

While taking breaks from fitness is always a plausible—and important—solution, sometimes getting in a little movement while traveling can be beneficial (both physically and mentally). If you find yourself on the move this summer and in need of a modified routine that fits your busy schedule and unfamiliar space, Australian fitness instructor Kayla Itsines has you covered.

In a recent Instagram post, she dubbed the following seven-move set a “hotel room workout,” meaning it’s perfect for executing in a small space with limited equipment. Requiring only 20 minutes and a band, the set is perfect for a quick burn. It includes the following:

1. Lateral raise (12 reps)
2. Front raise (12 reps)
3. Bent over row (12 reps)
4. Band pull apart (12 reps)
5. Single arm squat and press (12 reps per side)
6. Lunge (12 reps per side)
7. Bicep Curl (12 reps)

Itsines recommended repeating the set three times. Plus, if you’re looking for more on-the-go content, the instructor has a whole “Zero-Equipment” program available on the Sweat app. Memberships, which give you access to hundreds of on-demand fitness classes, start at just $19.99 per month.

Martha Zaytoun


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